Friday, 10 May 2013

Work In Progress - Cars, Catalogues and Planes

Today has been a range of long printing sessions, binding and touching up old projects for hand in next week. Whilst printing I quickly drew out these cars to show off my design for Eden Valley Hospice whilst waiting for the vinylls to be printed in the next weeks.

.RAW Catalogue Test Print

Additionally I am working with .RAW photography exhibition to create multiple out comes for their brand/events with today test printing the catalogue I have designed for them. I wanted to create a simple and clear layout for their catalogue with key colours being picked out the image and layed in the gutter. This was done to pull out the colours in the images and create a glow effect on the oppose page. The cover use their existing logo as a frame to play with depth in the images and crop in again to "tell the story within". You can see more of the work done them below on other posters and more coming up with invites and email mailers.

Plane App

Furthermore I am at the start of designing an app which explores the construct and technology in the Airbus A380. More coming on this project soon.

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