Monday, 4 March 2013

Work - Underpass

Here are my finished visuals and models of a proposal for a underpass in Carlisle City Centre. The concepts behind my design is the history of Carlisle, which has been divided up into three sections. Starting with Roman Carlisle exploring the timing of key developments such as trade, constructions of the stone fortess and more. The tunnel connecting the entrances explores the story of Mary Queen of Scots travelings from the castle to the cathedral via a tunnel whilst being kept imprisioned in the medieval castle. The underpass finishes with a section of industrial Carlisle, investigating how the city is a regional hub and how it has effected the architecture. Overal I am pleased with this project and looking forward to moving on to something else however will have some new pictures of this soon.

Roman Carlisle

Mary Queen of Scots Tunnel

West Wall and Floor
Ceiling and East Wall

Industrial Carlisle

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