Monday, 30 April 2012

Work in Progress - Manifesto of Myself

Online version of a Manifesto created to inform future employers about me existing. I explored patterns made from deconstructed typography to communicate my beliefs an interests to a new person. Will have the finish documents online tomorrow! So watch this space! Check out my new website that goes along with this project!

Saturday, 28 April 2012

Travel - Busy London

This week we had to pop down the US Embassy to get our student work visa for the summers work placement in Maine, half week started okay in a little run down hotel behind Marble Arch in London. The hotel was not really anything to write home about but the building next door was something. Just love its Arabic inspired front, would of loved to go inside with its seemingly turreted top and yawning front arch way.
After the most nervous experience at the US embassy we popped down to the V&A, which was fantastic! I am ashamed to say it was my first time going to this wonderful place. Such a great collection of everything! You must go as soon as possible.

 I am starting to collect a series of pictures of Frances Hawkins next to oversized items, do not really know why but I find it overal amusing! This was in the Natural History Museum where we saw the "Animals Inside Out" which was such a great exhibition, best thing I have seen in ages. Pity I was not allowed to take any pictures so check out the website.

Another one of Frances Hawkins next to an over sized item. British museum was not as good as I had been hoping it would be, but the easter island head was still brilliant to see.

I finished off the week at Frances Hawkins home with a group of friends going around Alnwick Castle and gardens which was a great end to a good weekend! 

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Work - Musical Extravaganza

Poster created for some performing arts students at the University of Cumbria, they only gave me a couple of hours to do it, so I am quite pleased with the out come. There are quite a few things I would of changed and done differently next times, as this one felt like a stab in the dark. Hopefully the client likes it, but I am off to London for a Visa interview and museums/gallery viewings.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Work - Photography Books

Books created for Frances Hawkins which feature all new photography in, I wanted to keep the books quite simple so we could reproduce them easily.

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Work in Progress - New website

Part of my Manifesto project work (below) I am looking at updating my website. So here are a few stills from my new website, any input would be great. I am looking to put more of my energy and patterns into the site, as I am finding the existing website a bit boring/plain. 
 (blank panels are work I havent photographed yet)

Plus I have been building this in Adobe Muse which is really good, if you understand indesign you are away with this as it does all the html & css for you however I do miss that technical side to it though.
New site will be up in a week or two.

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Work - Break Through Thrusdays!

Been working my heart out on patterns at the moment for a personal Manifesto I am making (inspired by Bruce Mau Incomplete Manifesto for Growth) . Here are some of the points I have been doing today, this is a work in progress so any feedback would be amazing!
So alot of work is still need on these bits but thought I would touch base. These with many more patterns will be displayed in a book and mailed out to companies and hopefully there will also be a moving image version aswell for my website.
So had a pretty good day and a good talk by Hugh Leoidsson about getting your work out there.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

Work Placement - Alpha Ontrac:

Over easter I spent two weeks at Alpha Ontrac: in shrewsbury on a work experience placement. On this placement I was creating work with other designers to pitch to clients. Here are some of the work and elements I was working on. I did a lot more work which has not been completed yet but will upload it when I have = ).
This logo was pitched to a Haulage firm from Wolverhampton. The aim of this logo was to suggest movement and to introduce "AW" into the logo in a more abstract way. (Which is the coloured pattern above the text).

Ludlow Cake Company Packaging Ideas
These visuals are from the start of the journey to what the client needed. The product is a ready made cake mix which you could buy from any food store and we were exploring the identity and packaging of this. I was interested in making a baking pattern which could be used in different ways to create a range of products that could be clearly displayed on a shelf.

Garmstock Charity Event
Here is a quick poster I created for the owners of the Alpha Ontrac: for their charity event at their home. I personally do not like the poster I created however they were pleased with it. It was quite a difficult poster due to the amount of body copy within the poster.