Saturday, 21 January 2012

Travel - Tullie House (Carlisle)

little black dress

This exhibition at Tullie House explores the evolution of the little black dress over the last 100 years. I was really impressed with the detailing and how contemporary some of the pieces were. It was also really interesting to understand the context of when some of the old pieces were created. Worth a visit if your in Carlisle before the 26th Feb.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Travel - Ikon Gallery (Birmingham)

John Myers
Middle England

This exhibition covered work by Midlands-based artist John Myer, his work involves portraits of individuals and families living in Stourbridge and the Black Country. I liked his work due to the documentary style reflecting the area he lived in the 1970's. All the pictures were took witihn walking distance from his home and he documented the world how he experienced it. In this exhibition there was also "boring landscapes" where he took pictures of landscapes but also TV sets. Which was really interesting, I really liked the pictures of sub stations due to the bunker characteristics (one day I hope to live in a converted sub station).

Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Travel - Lost In Lace (Birmingham)

Lost In Lace explores how lace is a continuously evolving as a material; and shows off how people are using it and thinking about it. This exhibition is currently at the Gas Hall in Birmingham.

This was my favourite piece by Nils Volker due to the fact that these cushions kept inflating and then deflating in different patterns.

This piece by Piper Shepard was interesting with all the detailing, but also the scale and how it divided up the space.

On a separate note, the Birmingham City library is coming along nicely!

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Work - Nans Birthday Card

With little materials and printing capacity, I had to look for other ways of making my Nan a Birthday Card! So this is what I came up with! I just popped down to my local DIY store and collected a healthy amount of colour cards and made this. I am quite pleased with this card, I really like the colours and the hand made feel to the triangles in contrast with the typography.

Travel - RAF Cosford

I decided to take Danielle to RAF Cosford, which is a wonderful museums full of airplanes from all over the ages and world. Plus I just love the Cold War hanger (above) which is just such a stunning building but also really interesting with all the planes seeming to be in motion inside the hanger. (its like a young boys bedroom ceiling on a grander scale).
We loved this guys facial hair! Looks like he has just founded a mouse and placed it onto his face. Top show!
I really loved a lot of the type and patterns on the aeroplanes. The 'Z' on this stenciled typeface is really nice and looks similar to my website banner.
I love the idea of Vladimir Lenin being employed as a gift shop assitant, really made my visit.