Thursday, 6 December 2012

Found - Packaging

My favorite packaging is always from the Chinese supermarkets with these little cartons. I am just easily amused with the ranges of colours, names and characters on these cartoon. Plus with the range of flavours at 25p ahead you cannot go wrong for a quick drink!
Voss water comes in this beautiful glass bottle, which is just stunning and stands out a mile in a supermarket. With only being £2 it was rather cheap if you compare it against the price of some of the brand leaders offering less water in a plastic bottle.
I love paper, so I have started getting samples boxes from a range of paper mills, this one is from GFSmith which comes in this beautiful box. The box feels like a really nice portfolio with all the samples and booklets inside. The design is clean with strong typographic elements. I can just spend hours browsing through and smelling paper. (weirdo).

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