Wednesday, 17 October 2012

My Dad

Sadly my Dad passed away after a long on and off battle with Acute Myeloid Leukaemia. We found out four years ago that he had this disease and the doctors expected that he would not even get past the first week, however that was not the kind of man my Dad was. He got through the strongest chemos and treatments they could throw at him and then got clear of his first bone marrow transplant. Still he was making stupid jokes about digging an escape tunnel from his isolation room or putting bars on the windows. He was cured. 
        After a happy year of being away from this terrible disease, it came back. He was put on a trail drug in Birmingham to start treating it and Dad signed up to extra trails for the researchers to see how the drugs affected other parts of the body and so on. This lead to his second bone marrow transplant which took place over the summer which was successful for a couple of weeks. Sadly something went wrong and Dad was unable to win this battle.
        I am proud of my dad for everything he did and the ambition he had to do.

Order of Service
I set myself the challenge to create the program for his funeral. (As the funeral directors designer did not understand kerning for a start). I decided to go for a clean, understated design. As I wanted to explore my Dads treatment in my final major project at university. My dad kept a record of most of the treatment they gave him which I feel is a wealth of knowledge/data that just should not decay on a memory stick somewhere.

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