Wednesday, 11 July 2012

USA - Second selection

Camp Wekeela - Little Bear Pond
So been super busy again lately! Just about to go white water rafting for the day now, so will have to make this super quick. Just had a day off/birthday and went to a beautiful place called Hiram Falls! Where I did lots of dissertation work and played with my new favorite thing, a purple ball! Will get hold of other peoples pictures as mine are not that fun and my film camera hasnt been developed yet! Shall post more soon!

Hiram Falls

Hiram Falls


Featured - PoV Magazine

Got my Manifesto of Myself in the PoV Magazine Identity issue. Great online magazine worth a good look!

Work - Mums Birthday Card

With going to America all summer birthday cards were made in June, to make sure people got them. I decided to make a small pattern book this year for my Mums birthday from found items in the garden mixed with coloured inks. I am pleased with the textures and how the ink has worked with the pages. My favorite is the front cover which was from a tail end off a firework that must of landed in the garden. I do feel I could of explored colour and over laying alot more this booklet, however this is always next birthday.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

USA - First two weeks

So I am currently at Camp Wekeela, Maine where I am teaching Creative Arts, mainly focusing on ceramics. Super busy, hence no posts and not much time to write about anything but here are some pictures of where I am and what I am up to! So just had a day off where I was in Portland exploring the wonderful city but also the surrounding lighthouses! I am really enjoying teachings the children and getting alot out of what I am doing. Miss doing proper design work thought however I am spending all my free time exploring patterns. Which I will upload at a later date! Hope everyone is having a great summer and why not pop me an email?
Me in Fort William, Portland Maine. (day off)

Camp Wekeela Beach Front Set Up

Camp Wekeela - Little Bear Pond
Maine, Coast line