Saturday, 14 April 2012

Work Placement - Alpha Ontrac:

Over easter I spent two weeks at Alpha Ontrac: in shrewsbury on a work experience placement. On this placement I was creating work with other designers to pitch to clients. Here are some of the work and elements I was working on. I did a lot more work which has not been completed yet but will upload it when I have = ).
This logo was pitched to a Haulage firm from Wolverhampton. The aim of this logo was to suggest movement and to introduce "AW" into the logo in a more abstract way. (Which is the coloured pattern above the text).

Ludlow Cake Company Packaging Ideas
These visuals are from the start of the journey to what the client needed. The product is a ready made cake mix which you could buy from any food store and we were exploring the identity and packaging of this. I was interested in making a baking pattern which could be used in different ways to create a range of products that could be clearly displayed on a shelf.

Garmstock Charity Event
Here is a quick poster I created for the owners of the Alpha Ontrac: for their charity event at their home. I personally do not like the poster I created however they were pleased with it. It was quite a difficult poster due to the amount of body copy within the poster.

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