Saturday, 28 April 2012

Travel - Busy London

This week we had to pop down the US Embassy to get our student work visa for the summers work placement in Maine, half week started okay in a little run down hotel behind Marble Arch in London. The hotel was not really anything to write home about but the building next door was something. Just love its Arabic inspired front, would of loved to go inside with its seemingly turreted top and yawning front arch way.
After the most nervous experience at the US embassy we popped down to the V&A, which was fantastic! I am ashamed to say it was my first time going to this wonderful place. Such a great collection of everything! You must go as soon as possible.

 I am starting to collect a series of pictures of Frances Hawkins next to oversized items, do not really know why but I find it overal amusing! This was in the Natural History Museum where we saw the "Animals Inside Out" which was such a great exhibition, best thing I have seen in ages. Pity I was not allowed to take any pictures so check out the website.

Another one of Frances Hawkins next to an over sized item. British museum was not as good as I had been hoping it would be, but the easter island head was still brilliant to see.

I finished off the week at Frances Hawkins home with a group of friends going around Alnwick Castle and gardens which was a great end to a good weekend! 

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