Thursday, 2 February 2012

Work - Experimental One Day Brief Posters

I was tasked with creating four posters in 6hours, making sure I kept to set rules which were implied for a Music Festival in London. We were given all body text, images and typefaces to use. I wanted my posters to be more experimental and test out what I could do in a limited amount of time and not always legible. I really enjoyed going straight onto the screen. I feel I could do alot better next time with focusing on attention to detail and being more experimental but really enjoyed todays work.


Anonymous said...

Heya Ja (@Dazr here). moved from bed/iPhone to PC - so I can view them better. As I said, I like textures/patterns-like, so numbers 2-3 appeal. 1 communicates best and 'a client' virtual or otherwise, would need bums on seats, as it were, so number 1 'wins' my vote. But I also like perspectives and 1 does that too. Transformers are cool, ceramic and steel couriers of light and life. 8-) Keep up the good work. Hope the house with the Castle views passed the test!

Anonymous said...

Haha - okay, so they're not transformers. Actually it's a line ball between 1 and 3. @Dazr