Thursday, 12 January 2012

Travel - Ikon Gallery (Birmingham)

John Myers
Middle England

This exhibition covered work by Midlands-based artist John Myer, his work involves portraits of individuals and families living in Stourbridge and the Black Country. I liked his work due to the documentary style reflecting the area he lived in the 1970's. All the pictures were took witihn walking distance from his home and he documented the world how he experienced it. In this exhibition there was also "boring landscapes" where he took pictures of landscapes but also TV sets. Which was really interesting, I really liked the pictures of sub stations due to the bunker characteristics (one day I hope to live in a converted sub station).


canon cameras said...

I like the concept of John Myer's photography. The pictures are taken in an artistic way without relying on the fancy effects of the camera.

Anita said...

This is such a great work of art. Only an artistic individual can take those amazing portraits. The black-and-white-effect made the pictures more compelling.

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