Monday, 21 November 2011

Travel - Northumberland

Sea Life Centre

Well we went to Tynemouth Sea life centre which was cool, some really nice light and some ugly fish! I love this one below, really would not want to mess with him. Also got a video of the Seal tank with the light and accidentally got a seal swimming through.

Great Finds

Got these two cameras for five pound, the Olympus Trip needs a little bit of work to get the light meter working. Cannot wait to get some film in these and see the photos that come out. Hope they are as good as my other cameras.
Here are some nice bits of metal I found on an old RAF site, I really like the drain cover.
I really like the backs of these photos, got some really lovely typography and dynamics on them (and some great errors). Plus some of them were taken 8miles down the road from home, which was really funny to find so far north.
Plus I got a few lanterns from China Town, been hunting for the one on the left for the last couple of weeks. So I am pretty pleased I have it now, shame I did not actually get it from China.

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