Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Travel - Newcastle

We went to newcastle the other day, here is my best bits of what we saw.

At the Laing Art Gallery we saw Colin Booths: Institute of play which was just great fun! Loved how many wooden blocks there was that resembled a mini cityscape with simple geometric objects. The playfulness was just all around us, plus in the next there was a huge mat with tons of wooden blocks to let the visitors have a go themselves.

I adored this type, was so helpful and was really nicely positioned on the vast wall.
What a great comment from another visitor, could not say it better myself.

Baltic, This was the second time I have been to see these two exhibitions at Baltic. Defiantly worth a visit before these two displays closes down.
Here is Maurizio Anzeri, who does great embroidery into portraits from the 1930's collected at markets. This is the favorite pieces of work we saw, as I like how the embroidery enhances the faces of the past.This work was done by Mariah Robertson who creates these amazing hybrds of photography, paintings and film. She creates these piece in the darkroom on huge rolls of photographic paper. The energy and passion and sometimes pure chaos on the rolls is just mind blowing, but my favorite part is the structures displayed within the pieces which I hope to use in my own design work.

Side Gallery, is a lovely little gallery on the way to the Baltic Gallery. We went to see 'Fields Of Vision' which was a photographic exhibition about the north exploring industrial but also the abandoned and social cost of not being like the rich south east of the country.

Well that was last weeks adventure from Carlisle but soon I am hoping to go to 'Design Event Festival' in newcastle in October.

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