Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Travel - Maltings Shrewsbury

The other weekend me and my family went to our towns locate industrial waste land. Here is the three oldest iron framed buildings in the world which used to be a Flax Mill but also became a Brewery thing. Was such a interesting place with some interesting spaces. They plan to spend around £50million to convert into a shopping, education space but there not really sure. My issue is this space was designed as a industrial site and all the spaces are designed with that in mind. So how easy will that be to convert into a nice livable and office workable space? Its a pitty that a new industry cannot take it over and convert back into the primary function of the building. However it does need saving as it part of the nations and regions history, plus it is a beautiful building.

Inside the South Silo (built in the 1950's but due to be destroyed)
Pictures are pretty bad as only had my phone on me. (missed opportunity)
I just adored this space, would be a really interesting space to explore design with projections and sound in.

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