Sunday, 28 August 2011


I was asked by my sister and future husband to create a set of wedding invites and reply cards for there wedding. They want something modern and spirally, so I created this. I did not find it the most enjoyable project but I am very glad they like it. I will be uploading more images and better quality ones soon.

Here are my favorite thumb nailing sheets I created.

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Holiday Work/Collages

Where ever I go I collect lots of leaflets and normally put them into a crate when I get home, where they wait to one day find the themselves in a collage. So on holiday I thought I would liberate them from the crowded crate and release them into my sketch book.

Holiday - Beuron, Germany

We on holiday to Beuron which is on the German swiss border, which is a beautiful area. We got up to lots of things from cycling, to hiking, to going to ulm design school and Museum Fur Gestaltung Zurich. Here are a few images off my film slr, which include pictures from Beuron but also the trip down.

My Future Car = )