Monday, 30 May 2011

Kate's Birthday Card

At the moment I am trying to explore pattern and composition on my own back. Here is the first piece I have come up with, I like the colours but I would like to play with scale and postions. Overal rather happy with it = ).

Monday, 9 May 2011

Marketing Paper Toys

This was a joint project between me and Robert Marshall, I really enjoyed doing this and think we both work hard to create a really good final piece.
We decided to create a website as our primary vechile for our paper toys. Here is the website we created, the home page was just a big logo with links in the paper flags on the right hand sideThis page enables the you the user to navigate through the character content.
This page is design to allow the user to scroll through the characters in that section then print off the net.
This page is for finding the community pieces of on site, like the fan pictures and community vote functions our website focus's on.
Here you have the 'fan page' this allows you to scroll through albums of user generated pictures and find your and new friends.
This is a preview page of what the image scrolling system would look like.
This page is for finding information out about James and Rob (the creators) but also the website.
Here is a mock up of the bio page for the Into The Folds.
Then finally here is a website banner we could use for advertising on other peoples sites but also badges to put on blogs.
Overally we got a 75 for all this hard work!

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Death of the British Shoe Industry

This project explored Collage but I decided to focus more on data bending as I try to explore collage in my main work. Here are my favourite bits of work from this project I didnt bother uploading the rest, I shall at a later date though. 65

Sketch Book Finals

We had to do some sketch books exploring areas such as Movement, Perpestive/viewpoint and Mood/the unseen. Here are my final pieces from this process, I shall upload some parts of my sketch book as soon as I get it back.
This one is looking at viewpoints, I want my piece to focus around antisocial behaviour. I really loved this burnt out garage I found so want to include it some how.
This piece is about movement, I really want to do something around collage and I thought the train station looked a very dynamic and fast place from its design, So with the colour paper I thought I could highlight this.
This darkroom piece is about mood and waiting. I really enjoyed taking this image and developing it all, then I just scanned in the final print and enlarged it on the mac. 58

April's Birthday Cards

This card was for my sister who likes giraffes = )

This card was for my friend Chris, we are all obessed with minecraft so I decided to make his card on that and then just finish it off in photoshop.

Monday, 2 May 2011

Into the folds - Character Profiles

Find out more about these toys at Into The Folds

Camera Obscura

Today we created a Camera Obscura in my university room. Some really nice colour and interesting pattern occurred = ).