Friday, 8 April 2011

Paper Toys

Miss Holly the worlds biggest fan of any band within 50miles of her. Always ready to pop out the fake cast so she can get to the front of the crowd and hopefully get touched by her gods.
Slutty Newsreporter always gets the first and best interviews and action whenever it happens. Maybe its her legs or someother feature that enables her to do this, it sure isn't brains.
Roger the trainspotter still lives at home with his loving mother. This has turned him to extreme hobbies that involve him avoiding the home for as long as possible. Roger aims to get every train serial number on the British Railway System. I do hope he has enough supplies in his bag!
Birdspotters only get a few moments of excitement a day in there hidy holes, resulting in them modelling coats that have lots of pockets to store objects to keep there hopes up. That bird will come, the book says so.
One of the worlds worst paparazzi, he believes that the celebrities are healthy and beautiful so he doesnt have to be. Never actually taken a picture he just reads crappy celebrity gossip magazines and flashes how big his lens, hoping to make a catch.
We were tasked to create 5 paper toys under a choice subject. I decided to focus mine around semi stalkery people. I am overally pleased with all my designs and so were my tutors.
More image will be uploaded soon = ) 72

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