Saturday, 18 December 2010

Final Design - Avocado - Supermarket

This was my Pattern out come, I am overal pleased with it. The Avocados should of been scaled up however I am super pleased with the colouring I chose for it. I feel it expresses the history of the fruit.
I found the food photography so hard, however I am pleased with the image. This image is to dark on one side, but this has helped me see problems with lighting for next time I do any still life work.

These were my Surreal pieces, they are aimed at children and I just wanted to turn the Avocado into some kind of Dinosaur/animal that children might like. I personally really like them and would love to make some knitted or stuffed version of them.
Here is my Illustrative piece and I want to express what kind of health and vitamin benefits Avocados actually had. So I came up with this really simple maths equation however I feel it would of worked alot better if the Pills looked more like Pills. So I needed to improve on the quality of line represented.

Layout Pads (Selection)
The layout pages are my favorite part of any project but with this one I got really carried away. I would of uploaded them all up but it would of just absorbed the whole site. I really love the energy and passion expressed from the colours and drawings. 72

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