Saturday, 3 July 2010

My Dad - Snowdon Challenge Charity Event

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    "May 18th 2009 was a day that changed my life! I was a fit 45 year old very active individual who had just spent the weekend walking in Snowdonia.
    I was diagnosed with “Acute Myeloid Leukaemia” out of the blue and was admitted to Ward 23H (Haematology) of the Royal Shrewsbury Hospital where I received treatment. Unfortunately it was soon apparent that my Immune system had collapsed and I would require a full Bone Marrow transplant to survive.
    During this time the Doctors & Staff on Ward 23H supported not only me but my whole family through a very traumatic series of events. Due to no immune system I was kept on the ward in isolation for 103 days until I received my Bone marrow transplant from my sister in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham.
    With the wards expertise and support this process was made easier as they took me and my family along a harrowing journey we feel that now we belong to a much bigger family.
    In recognition of this I wish to raise as much money as possible for the Ward to support the fight against Leukaemia
    I have organised a Snowdon Challenge where a I will lead a controlled assent of Snowdon with a group of nurses from the ward and family and friends of the ward with support of my TA squadron and work colleagues. The route will go up the PYG Track and back down the MINERS track.
    This will take place on the weekend of the 26th June 2010 and is 10 months past my Bone marrow transplant and 13 months since I was diagnosed"


    Anonymous said...

    Hi there - I hope the Snowdon Challenge went well - I bet it was a bit warm!

    Alexandra:} said...

    Hey..You've told me that you're father is very sick. And I am really very sorry.
    And I hope that God help him.
    I know that your family don't belive in God! But who knows...

    melonwall said...

    Thank you, it did go well and it was very very warm!
    thanks = )