Friday, 4 June 2010

Polling Booth Construction

I really like the grid structure that i put inside the shelf of the booth. I did this to give it more strength for the shelf but also as a cross bar to give the booth strength, but also to enable people to write on it.

I am unsure if i want to paint this black or just leave it plain and draw on with sharpies. = /


Zombie Worm said...

You been busy James, it's looking really good!=) are you gonna make more? I don't think you should paint it; it'll make the stitch less visible and I Love the stitch! It’s my favourite part ^_^

melonwall said...

Im just going too leave it with this one i think. I love the stitching also as i think it sums up the whole year. With Stitching at the start then Cardboard and etc.