Wednesday, 3 February 2010


His legs work.. soon coming arms aswell!! ooo exciting


AH! said...

He looks great XD

I have actually just used card to make a desk tidy for a project im doing at uni (sounds lame but there will actually be a lot to it in the end) ur card people and stuff would actually be good in my research do you mind if i put them in?

Thanks Amy

james said...

upload a picture of that desk tidier sounds quite cool!
lame stuff is pretty awesome!

sure you can put it in your research = D
you just made my day.
thank you

AH! said...

Wow im glad tht made ur day! Thinking about it when people ask to use my work it always makes me really happy too.

I think i will upload a photo of that desk tidy, good idea, ta. i hadn't thought about uploading that projects progression of work. Will be good to see my desk tidy go from lame to 'awesome' haha. Or at least better than i started with.