Saturday, 27 February 2010

Fine Art - Responding to sounds

This was created in an art gallery visit where we had to find a space and then listen to the sounds. Most people drew the sounds however i decided to do something 3d and created these three piece of work. Instead of doing how they sounded i created them from how the sound made me feel
This was an response to people talking, as it made me think human interaction is one the key things for life, so it made me whole = D. Sounds like some advert for a mobile phone advert = )
This was responding to some interactive displays with children, friends and families on which made me feel happy, warm and in bodied.
And this one was responding to a really annoying sound that kept occurring and would not stop at all hence for the seemingly endless wrapping of wire.

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Chris Brooke said...

Within the object you have made to unleash the sound from within, you have obstructed the ambience of the sound from getting in to the structure, or even blocking the sound from the twists and bends that are placed.

Have a look at Idris Kahn