Thursday, 5 June 2014

Work - TigerPrint Logo

I was asked to create a logo for TigerPrint a family craft experience in Scotland. I want to include that sense of hands on play, so to do this I used a thumbprint to form the head of the tiger. This is something i learnt in the states, with creating animals from hands prints and drawing on after which i think works really well with aims of TigerPrint. We are both pretty pleased with this logo and I wish Colleen all the luck with her stores, check her out at TigerPrints facebook page.

Monday, 3 February 2014

Work - Happy Chinese New Year!

Just a quick poster to celebrate Chinese News Year! Plus got on the front page of Creative Review, Woop Woop!

Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Travel - Istanbul

So its been along time since I posted on here and boy, hasnt alot happen! I am a Junior Designer at DigitasLBi (been here for over six months now!). Anyway I was in Istanbul over the festive holidays which was pretty good, here are a few images from the trip. Soon I am going to update this blog and portfolio! Plus some sneaky peaks of work I have been getting up to. :), check out the cute wild puppy at the bottom.

Monday, 20 May 2013

Work - Final Show Mock Up

Today Jade, Rach and myself have been working on a small mock up for our graphic design degree show that will be held in mid June. The concept behind the design is about connection and moving forward from university into the exciting world. This will be visualised with the bottom of the studio hosting an explosion of brilliantly designed arrow flying upwards on fishing wire, to create an interesting and dynamic display of all our visual styles and energy. This hard to see mock (due to colouring) was to understand sizing and shaping before setting out on designing the arrows and centre piece.

Friday, 17 May 2013

Work - Last day, University

Today is the last official day of being at the University of Cumbria, above is one of the hand in file we have to make, covering the work we have produced in the last semester and any development work we have to go with it. This was a difficult as I had focused on short deadlines to get myself ready for a commercial studio, which did not leave many development sheets.
All I have left to do is to help set up the final show and exhibit at New Blood in London on the first week of July combined with a few interviews dotted in.

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Work - .RAW Invites

These invites were designed for .RAW graduate exhibition to send out to photographers and curators around the country. I aimed to create something that would be tactile to hold and grab their attention. I am currently waiting for these designs to come back from the printers.


Work - Car Wrap Printed

Here are my printed designs for Eden Valley Hospice Car Raffle. I am really pleased with the sides of the car however the sizing of the front and back could be slightly bigger and different. Will upload my pictures in the coming week as these are off the Hospice. Overall I am really pleased that client loves it and I am pleased also.

Monday, 13 May 2013

Work - Lottery Leaflet

My life has been plagued with content amends from a range of clients. Here is the current version of a leaflet for the Eden Valley Hospice Lottery, this is just the lastest in content amends. Currently just printing off my portfolio for university hand in however I have got a new client aboard, who is looking for a rebrand and websites for their hotels in the lakes, more coming soon.

You can see more of the work I have done for Eden Valley Hospice at my website.

Flat Vector Layout

Work - Petrochema

Quick preview of the finished identity for Petrochema, an importer and exporter of oil based products in eastern Europe. I am currently currently working on the concept for the website and other outlets for the brand. Having another exciting day of printing and hopefully my twitter account wont get suspended this week for no reason aswell.

Friday, 10 May 2013

Work In Progress - Cars, Catalogues and Planes

Today has been a range of long printing sessions, binding and touching up old projects for hand in next week. Whilst printing I quickly drew out these cars to show off my design for Eden Valley Hospice whilst waiting for the vinylls to be printed in the next weeks.

.RAW Catalogue Test Print

Additionally I am working with .RAW photography exhibition to create multiple out comes for their brand/events with today test printing the catalogue I have designed for them. I wanted to create a simple and clear layout for their catalogue with key colours being picked out the image and layed in the gutter. This was done to pull out the colours in the images and create a glow effect on the oppose page. The cover use their existing logo as a frame to play with depth in the images and crop in again to "tell the story within". You can see more of the work done them below on other posters and more coming up with invites and email mailers.

Plane App

Furthermore I am at the start of designing an app which explores the construct and technology in the Airbus A380. More coming on this project soon.

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Work In Progress - Unfinished Catalogue

For part of today I have been creating the catalogue for the Photography degree show at the University of Cumbria, the rest of the day being absorbed by the nightmare of printing and client amends. This catalogue is unfinished but shows the clear, minimal use of typography and scale of images. Furthermore the use of a coloured bar in the gutter to highlight key colours when the user is clicking through the pages.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

Work In Progress - .RAW

For a  couple of hours today I have been working on this series of posters for the University of Cumbria Photography Degree Show called .RAW. This does not just include posters but a catalogue, invites and some web themes which are nearly finished and coming soon. With these posters I aimed to use the exhibition logo in a more abstract way and use it as framing element to create a sense of depth but also to crop in and tell another story to the audience. I feel this interaction pulls the viewer in but also interacts with the images in a sensitive manner.